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About The Pottery

Kings Creek Pottery is for everyday use. The glazes are formulated in the studio and are food safe. My pottery has a rustic, earthy vibe with lots of texture.

Each piece of pottery is crafted with care to ensure comfort and satisfaction.

Close Up of Honey Jar

Close Up of Honey Jar

I create a wide range of forms including mugs, candlesticks, bowls, and platters, casseroles and much more.

Adding texture to my pots with using my large collection of Asian wood blocks to imprint the clay is probably the favorite part of the process for me.


Adding texture with a wood block




Kings Creek Pottery can go in the microwave, dishwasher, and oven.


Garlic Jar

My hope is to make the everyday act of eating a beautiful and more enjoyable experience.

Though I do take some custom orders, I do not take them all. You need to be patient and have a timeline that works with my cycle of creating.

I do not make custom dinner sets.


That said, if there is something special you are looking for, please ask.


Mug with Bird Imprint


Red Platter With Magnolia Imprints