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I never did have babies. Kings Creek Pottery shows are as close as I come to “birthing” things…and the Final Push is upon me!

As a part-time potter (for now) it is always a challenge to get inventory up to a level I am comfortable with before a show.  I always fear not having enough. My anxiety before the big event…to date no one has complained that there were slim pickins!


Fired up and ready for glazing



Thankfully some pots dried enough to finish loading the electric kiln for a bisque. That occurred overnight on Saturday.

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It’s hard to believe it’s the last weekend in May!

On Friday, Chris and I took a ride to Timberlock to deliver some hay. It was a nice afternoon for a drive, but the black flies in the ‘dacks are really buzzing! Somehow I managed to escape without a bite. We had a quick visit with family who are opening the camp in preparation for this years’ guests.

If you haven’t checked out Timberlock yet, I highly recommend checking out their website. It’s the perfect place to get away from “regular” life, no phone service, limited wi-fi…just lot’s of outdoor fun and relaxation in the woods. Perfect for kids and adults to unplug for a week!

thumb_IMG_2364_1024Saturday I trimmed, decorated, and put handles on pots. This is my favorite stage of working with clay. The finished result is 6 small casseroles, 6 honey jars and 12 mugs. [click to continue…]


May has felt like mayhem, but it’s all good!

I don’t know if May has been the same for you…but we’ve had out of town guests, a college graduation, retirement events, and all the other parts of life that just keep happening on top of them!

This weekend I finally got back in my studio for some focused work and it felt great. So here is what I’ve been up to during the past few months:

You may know that we lost our Jesse this fall due to a freak blood issue, which was very sad (you can read about it here).

We couldn’t take it long before we filled up the house with another pup to keep Asticou, and us, company. Meet Belle!

It looks like Belle is going to be a wonderful studio hound. She is very curious about the wheel and thinks the clay would be a nice snack. (I am discouraging that).


Taking it all in


The nose tells the truth

I am working hard to put together a kiln load. That load will contain many custom orders, which I will be glad to have behind me.


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Welcome to the new Kings Creek Pottery site!

I decided to ditch the blogspot site and graduate to a grown-up edition here at WordPress. Unless you have some computer geekiness in you, that might not make any sense, but for Kings Creek Pottery it’s a stage in growing up.

IMG_0552Though I ditched my previous content, I plan to bring you more updated information…and on what’s been happening in the studio, etc.

For now just know how truly grateful I am that you found me!

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Have a great day!