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The New Reality

The new reality: I have less time than ever.

In my mind’s eye I would be updating this blog every week, making more pots than I could imagine, and firing Lucille once a month. Ha! In fact, I have been in the studio less this summer than ever…and I miss it.

Puzzle Time In Vermont

When I worked full-time I would hoard my weekends for studio time. Now that I don’t have the job, I find myself thinking; “I have plenty of time…”.

But if I don’t put things on the schedule, it doesn’t happen.

Maybe I’m making up for lost time…

I have been checking in with friends, visiting family, working on a puzzle, sitting by the fire with Chris, and then there is Catlin Wellness & Nutrition. All things I love and enjoy doing.

The truth is: retiring has changed my equilibrium.

I love not having a work schedule and yet, I do better (get more done) if I have a schedule. So, I am working on creating MY schedule.  Besides I really miss the studio.

Evenings by the Fire

Evenings by the Fire

That said, I did have a productive Saturday – made 12 bowls for upcoming Empty Bowls events, 12 mugs for a project I am working on, and 12 berry bowls. It’s time to start thinking about the holidays!  Yes, it is.

Bowls, Mugs, & Berry Bowls

Bowls, Mugs, & Berry Bowls

I revamped my schedule (again) and think I have a way to get more time with clay…which is good, because clay time is good for my soul and I really miss Lucille!

It did not help that I decided to become an entrepreneur, starting a new business. But that comes from my soul too…

The Plan: We, meaning me, is just going to have to find a way to make it all happen!


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