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The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

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The Shop in Gallupville

Here we are in December, The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…or so they say!

I stay clear of the malls for the entire month, preferring to shop from local shops or handcrafted items on-line.

For Kings Creek Pottery this is the time of year when online orders really kick up through the KCP Etsy Shop and now the KCP Amazon Handmade Shop as well.

I have made all the pots, the kiln fired last in mid-November in preparation and we are good to go…they are going!


The packing station in the studio

The studio looks like a bomb went off in it! I have not been making pottery lately, just packing, shipping and selling from the shop here in Gallupville. Today I got a large order of boxes and peanuts to keep me going strong.

Actually, it IS a fun time for me. I love to watch my pottery head off to distant lands (or the next town…or even stay in town, just to a different house!). It’s truly an honor that people want to live with my pieces.

Soon I’ll head back in to clean it up and get back to the wheel.

I just ordered a big batch of new stamps to play with (thank you ClayStamp). I literally wiped out their inventory with a cyber Monday sale I could not pass up! Go check them out – no inventory!! Ha!!!

But, don’t worry Jerry will have more stamps in the spring.

So, come visit Kings Creek Pottery – open on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays, by appointment, or you can purchase on-line.

Talk more soon…

*Jewelry by Circle Stone Designs

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