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Still Learning


A beautiful morning to fire up Lucille!

I have been back at pottery for 14 years now and I’ve had Lucille for four…four and a half years (?)…and I am still learning.

From last week’s post you know I am in the final push,  preparing for the Open Studio Show and Sale on June 27th here at Kings Creek Pottery.

Firing the electric kiln for bisque, prepping bisque ware for glaze, glazing, loading Lucille and firing her up…so many steps!  As usual I had more pots than could fit in the glaze firing, which was a predicament because many of those pots are custom orders….and I wanted others for the show. Drats!

The upside is I had pots to re-fire because I stopped Lucille a bit too early at the last firing. Soooo, I added these pots to the mix and ran a lightly filled bisque load to give me enough to fire up Lucille AGAIN.

That’s right- two glaze loads back to back. Crazy town!! Truthfully, I love it … a bit of mania never hurt anyone.

Saturday I loaded up the kiln.


You can see some of the pots to be refired



You can see some pots that went in for re-firing.







Baby Louie and I


We also had some visitors on Saturday!! So excited to see baby Louie (and her parents, of course!) It’s been a while since I held a baby, what a joy.

Saturday evening we had the delight of visiting new friends at their amazing home, high on a mountain. It was filled with good people, beautiful art, gorgeous outdoor places to sit and chat…such an inspiring place!


It’s getting hot!



Sunday Lucille and I had some quality time. She was a tad fussy, as she resisted getting to full temperature…but she finally managed. It’s probably due to me that the heat was not moving as quickly as it could.

So, I realized why Lucille may have been a bit fussy….turns out I removed a target brick and forgot to replace it! Seriously??!!

The good news is I get to do it all again next weekend!

Here are a few shots of the results:


All kinds of goodies!


The shino looks fantastic











Peacock Platter – Re-fired


These goblets were also re-fired and came out looking great!

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