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Jumpin’ This July

Things have been Jumpin’ this July at Kings Creek Pottery and Kings Creek Farm. It really started late in June and hasn’t slowed down yet!

School ended late this year. Graduations took place mostly on June 27th…which might explain the lighter than usual attendance at the Kings Creek Pottery Open Studio event.

The calm before the storm!

The calm before the storm!

That said, it was still a wonderful time spent with other artisans and our wonderful customers…even if it did threaten rain all day.



Peanut Butter & Jelly Gluten Free Vegan Muffins. Not sure why the photo is turned around…sorry about that!







I think we really impressed our guests with the food treats this year. We each bring something to share with each other and our customers. I shared gluten-free, vegan muffins and before you snub your nose to them – have a look!

They were amazing and everyone enjoyed…you can try them yourself. The recipe is from The Minimalist Baker. Try everything on her website!! Awesome food….

Then, Chris blew my mind by inviting my Father, Sister, Brother and Sister-in-Law to surprise me for a retirement celebration! I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to have them spend the day at the Open Studio and then a lovely dinner at The Palmer House.

Another July happening is Kings Creek Pottery will now be available at the  Catskill Artisans Guild in Margaretville, N.Y. (in addition to the shop here at the Farm). The fun part is I will work there once a month so I get to meet new people and ogle at other handcrafted things.

Margaretville is a beautiful little town in the Catskills, do come visit.

The sheep arrived for summer camp at Kings Creek Farm just before the show. We love having them around for the summer months.

The sheep eyeing the greener grass!

The sheep eyeing the greener grass!


However, when a few…or all… escape the fencing and we have to go corral them at 11:00 pm they lose their charm!

We forgive them pretty quickly…they are sheep after all.


Chris managed to get his first cutting hay all baled up and it was no easy task due to the amazing amount of rain we are having this year in Upstate NY. We get one or two sunny (kind of) days and then three to four days of rain…it’s been a bummer of a cycle.


High Spirits early in the baling process

That’s our friend Alexis trying to do a tree pose on the wagon. This was early in the baling process!!






Lately the weather is easing up a bit, we finally got the vegetable garden weeded today.

So, back to the studio and making pots. I miss my clay and am grateful for the time to spend in the studio. As always after a few weeks away from the wheel I make mugs.


On the list for tomorrow is candlesticks, pie plates, and garlic jars. Already thinking about the holidays, if you can believe it.

Have a great week ~ Summer has finally arrived.

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