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It’s Always Good To Get Back

IMG_0210It’s always good to get back…

Something about the mad rush to the holidays – it’s exciting and nerve wracking…Will I have enough pottery?  Will my customers be happy with their choices? Will all the packages make it without breaking?! The week before Christmas I was sending out at least one package a day – often two or three. I am always surprised and humbled that people want my pottery enough to buy it as a gift to give others.

I am grateful because it gives me the opportunity to make more, which keeps me a sane and happy Kathy!

The 2015 Holiday Season was a real treat, as I  retired in June and had more time to make pots. I went into the season feeling pretty confident with my inventory.

Still, I had a challenge in managing a shop along with two on-line shops. If I sold something in my Gallupville shop I had to remember to take it off the online shops, sell one at Etsy, take it off Amazon… (remember, each is a one of a kind). I had two instances where a person online tried to buy a pot that already sold…. not cool on my part. WAY. NOT. COOL.

So, looking ahead I need to manage inventory better…which means more organization, maybe a spreadsheet??? It makes my head hurt. Counting, recording…maybe a new price sticker with a code system??? I’m not sure how I’ll do it yet. Do any of you other potters out there have a strategy?

Still, weighing out the embarrassment of selling a pot I don’t have compared to the discomfort of learning a new inventory system… I can suck it up and learn a new method to keep track of it all.

The shop is pretty bare now – I think I have 6 mugs left! That’s a good thing. It means it’s time to get myself back in the studio.


Brick from an old kiln, ready to be loaded and used to build a new kiln

December brought another opportunity for Kings Creek Pottery. I was able to donate a lot of hard brick to an endeavor our local clay supplier (Monroe Clay Works) is doing.

Monroe Clay Works is building a wood kiln. So Exciting!! I’ve been saving that brick forever and finally it got a good home. Thankfully it is still in great shape and will help the project along.


Loaded and ready for its’ new home at Monroe Clay Works to be part of Bruno – the Wood Kiln!








I love the break and I love the return.

I spent one day cleaning up the studio – all the packing stuff is back in its proper place and the shelves are ready to be filled. Two days in the studio got me started pretty well. I always start with mugs to warm me up again. I took a video and planned to upload it here, but it’s too big to upload here. I have it on my FB page, you can go check it out there.


Mugs on the shelves and more to come!

52 mugs later I am well on my way! (and 8 berry bowls and a few garlic jars too). It’s good to have my hands in clay again!


This Green Smoothie Kept Me Going

I powered up with a Catlin Wellness And Nutrition green smoothie to keep me going! Ha!!

Tomorrow I can get back in the studio to trim pots, make mug handles, and get to decorating with those awesome new wood block imprints…yes, I’ll post photos for you 😉



Talk soon,


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