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Is That The Holidays I’m Hearing?


August Morning in Gallupville

Is that the holidays I’m hearing? The knocking is soft, but it’s definitely there.  It gets louder and louder each day now!

Our mornings are often foggy this time of year, cool nights and warm days. The leaves are getting that muted look…not as crisp as they are in the spring and summer. Yup,  we are heading into Fall.

The sheep will leave us by the end of September. Chris and I are already cutting back our perennials.

This is the time of year I start really focusing on inventory, especially since I added my pottery to a shop in the Catskills. That means 3 places to keep stocked: The Gallupville Shop, The Etsy Shop, and The Catskill Mountain Artisan Guild Shop. Whew….a lot of pots to make!

I also have some custom orders to work on. This changes my strategy when I get in the studio. The “production” in production pottery is kicked up a notch. Now I make 12 at a time of whatever I am throwing. But this is good, it’s what I love to do and wanted to do with the added time I have in my life now.

We have a date for the November show, so mark your calendars: Saturday, November 14th 10:00 – 4:00 at the Gallupville House. I am working to get some new artisans to join us (fingers crossed!). If you want a postcard reminder, be sure to sign up for my mailing list HERE.

In hopes of people finding me in Gallupville,  I revamped my road signs…these actually survived the 2011 flood. Now they look brand new. Chris and I will pound them into the ground this week.

Come Visit!

Come Visit!



Before Firing


Bisque Firing Done!

I fired a bisque load this week, hoping to get everything ready for a Lucille firing next weekend…it’s a stretch, but I’ll try. I might need more pottery to fill her up.

Lot’s of goodies in this batch of bisqueware: Many Mugs, Soap Dishes, Candle Sticks, Pie Plates, Regular Plates, Empty Bowls, Honey Jars and Little Dishes.

I plan to create a few gift bags this year ~ like little dish & incense, soap dish & soap, and there will be ornaments again!

Any requests? Let me know now if you want something. I will be done producing for the holidays by the end of October.




Everything else is going fine at Kings Creek Farm. I’m having a great time meeting new people who come by the shop… so are the dogs! Stop by when you get a chance.

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