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Welcome to the Kings Creek Pottery website. My name is Kathy Catlin and I absolutely love to make pots. Kings Creek Pottery located in Gallupville, N.Y., Schoharie County.

I live here with my husband Chris and two springer spaniels, Asticou and Belle. During the summer months we have sheep and lambs we board for pasture.  It gets a little crazy around here at times and I am forever learning. Pottery is just one of my loves, I am also a Health Coach with Catlin Wellness And Nutrition.

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My first show, 1975. I am 15

My interest in pottery began in Rochester, N.Y. where I grew up. A local potter gave lessons to children and I started when I was 13. It turns out that I had some natural talent for pottery and I loved it! After taking lessons for a year, my teacher, Laura Burleigh, offered me the opportunity to apprentice with her. In addition to teaching, Laura ran a small guild in her basement ~ all women.

I really enjoyed all the drama and intrigue of working in and around this group of slightly wacky (but wonderful) women. Working for Laura was a life changing experience. I was 15 when the guild disbanded and Laura no longer needed my help. ( I think she tired of all the drama and wanted some time alone to create in peace!!).

I bought a wheel, clay and set up a small studio in my basement. However, being in a basement alone with clay did not suit my budding adolescent need for boys, beer, and excitement! I wandered off into other areas of interest… and yet, could not fully let go of my desire to make pots. I kept thinking, ‘I’ll get back to it’.

For the next 15 years my father lugged around the 300 lb randall wheel and 500 lbs of clay while I went to college, worked, and went on to graduate school for social work. I could not part with it or the dream.

Finally, when I was in my 30’s I sold it all to a woman who was in school at RIT… she was very excited and I was…well, sad. I thought my life would be too busy to allow for potting, time to “grow up” and all that nonsense. However, try as I might, the desire to make pots never left me.

The old Randall Wheel *sigh* I still miss it!

The old Randall Wheel *sigh* I still miss it!

Years later, ( you know, that 40 year zone?!) fate guided me to Barbara Reeley of Riverstreet Pottery (now called Monroe Clay Works) in Troy, N.Y. When my hands got back into the clay I literally started tearing up. I was going to be a potter, come hell or high water! Barbara is an amazing woman and teacher. Her energy and support helped me have the courage to make the plunge and set up my studio.

Dennis, her husband, runs Northeast Ceramics in Troy, N.Y. Dennis helped me pick the right equipment for my journey. Being a member of the Collar City Clay Guild helps me stay in touch with Barbara and many other talented clay people in our area.


Kathy potting


My studio is located in our 1869 barn. It has a wonderful view of the vegetable garden and hay fields. An adjoining barn room was converted into a kiln room a few winters ago. The kiln is an electric Skutt 1227. I fire to cone 10- which is 2345 degrees.

A few years back I adopted a used gas kiln (a Bailey 38/24) which allows me to fire in reduction, adding a new dimension to my pottery. Now that ‘Lucille’ is up and running, my Skutt is allocated to mostly bisque firing and Lucille does most of the glaze firings.


The Studio During Glazing Time


The studio in full mayhem mode!









Asticou and I sit with Lucille during a firing.


Asticou and I keep Lucille company


Chris harvests the first cutting of hay.


The hay field out back