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Hey there! Welcome to Kings Creek Pottery.

Kings Creek Pottery is a small pottery located in Schoharie County, a rural county southwest of Albany, NY.


Welcome to Kings Creek Pottery

I make stoneware pottery on the wheel. Almost all of my pottery is made for food and serving food. However, some pieces are for thing like incense, soap, or ornaments. There is a wide variety of items to choose from at Kings Creek Pottery!


You can learn more about me and the pottery through the page links above or look through past blog posts.

I’ve slowed down on the blog writing, as it takes a lot of time.

Another way to stay on top of what’s happening in the studio you can follow Kings Creek Pottery on Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by!






Open Studio 2016

Today is the day for my annual summer Open Studio….and what a day it’s going to be!

The weather forecast doesn’t get any better, which is a true blessing. In the past we’ve dealt with wind, rain, and very cold days for June. But not today!

The pottery shop is filled with fun things and some new things. I hope you can drive out to visit.


I’m nice, come visit!

Chris will be busy this time, due to the weather being perfect for haying…but you can see him in action. This years flock of sheep are really nice, lots of lambs to see and overall it’s just a nice, relaxing place to visit.



When you come be sure to schedule time to visit The Hive, in Schoharie, there is also Under The Nose in Middleburgh – both wonderful gift shops with unique things. The Carrot Barn and The Apple Barrel have food so you can get lunch or a snack. It’s a great day to drive out to Schoharie.


KCP Stoneware Pottery

Can’t wait to see you!



IMG_0210It’s always good to get back…

Something about the mad rush to the holidays – it’s exciting and nerve wracking…Will I have enough pottery?  Will my customers be happy with their choices? Will all the packages make it without breaking?! The week before Christmas I was sending out at least one package a day – often two or three. I am always surprised and humbled that people want my pottery enough to buy it as a gift to give others.

I am grateful because it gives me the opportunity to make more, which keeps me a sane and happy Kathy!

The 2015 Holiday Season was a real treat, as I  retired in June and had more time to make pots. I went into the season feeling pretty confident with my inventory.

Still, I had a challenge in managing a shop along with two on-line shops. If I sold something in my Gallupville shop I had to remember to take it off the online shops, sell one at Etsy, take it off Amazon… (remember, each is a one of a kind). I had two instances where a person online tried to buy a pot that already sold…. not cool on my part. WAY. NOT. COOL.

So, looking ahead I need to manage inventory better…which means more organization, maybe a spreadsheet??? It makes my head hurt. Counting, recording…maybe a new price sticker with a code system??? I’m not sure how I’ll do it yet. Do any of you other potters out there have a strategy?

Still, weighing out the embarrassment of selling a pot I don’t have compared to the discomfort of learning a new inventory system… I can suck it up and learn a new method to keep track of it all.

The shop is pretty bare now – I think I have 6 mugs left! That’s a good thing. It means it’s time to get myself back in the studio.


Brick from an old kiln, ready to be loaded and used to build a new kiln

December brought another opportunity for Kings Creek Pottery. I was able to donate a lot of hard brick to an endeavor our local clay supplier (Monroe Clay Works) is doing.

Monroe Clay Works is building a wood kiln. So Exciting!! I’ve been saving that brick forever and finally it got a good home. Thankfully it is still in great shape and will help the project along.


Loaded and ready for its’ new home at Monroe Clay Works to be part of Bruno – the Wood Kiln!








I love the break and I love the return.

I spent one day cleaning up the studio – all the packing stuff is back in its proper place and the shelves are ready to be filled. Two days in the studio got me started pretty well. I always start with mugs to warm me up again. I took a video and planned to upload it here, but it’s too big to upload here. I have it on my FB page, you can go check it out there.


Mugs on the shelves and more to come!

52 mugs later I am well on my way! (and 8 berry bowls and a few garlic jars too). It’s good to have my hands in clay again!


This Green Smoothie Kept Me Going

I powered up with a Catlin Wellness And Nutrition green smoothie to keep me going! Ha!!

Tomorrow I can get back in the studio to trim pots, make mug handles, and get to decorating with those awesome new wood block imprints…yes, I’ll post photos for you 😉



Talk soon,


IMG_0252 (1)

The Shop in Gallupville

Here we are in December, The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…or so they say!

I stay clear of the malls for the entire month, preferring to shop from local shops or handcrafted items on-line.

For Kings Creek Pottery this is the time of year when online orders really kick up through the KCP Etsy Shop and now the KCP Amazon Handmade Shop as well.

I have made all the pots, the kiln fired last in mid-November in preparation and we are good to go…they are going!


The packing station in the studio

The studio looks like a bomb went off in it! I have not been making pottery lately, just packing, shipping and selling from the shop here in Gallupville. Today I got a large order of boxes and peanuts to keep me going strong.

Actually, it IS a fun time for me. I love to watch my pottery head off to distant lands (or the next town…or even stay in town, just to a different house!). It’s truly an honor that people want to live with my pieces.

Soon I’ll head back in to clean it up and get back to the wheel.

I just ordered a big batch of new stamps to play with (thank you ClayStamp). I literally wiped out their inventory with a cyber Monday sale I could not pass up! Go check them out – no inventory!! Ha!!!

But, don’t worry Jerry will have more stamps in the spring.

So, come visit Kings Creek Pottery – open on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays, by appointment, or you can purchase on-line.

Talk more soon…

*Jewelry by Circle Stone Designs


My booth at the Harvest Festival

This is a story about why I don’t do shows. It’s a true story.

I love making pots…I mean, really love. So much so that when I started making pots I overwhelmed my family and friends, which left me no other option than to see if others would like them.

I had the good fortune to marry a guy with a large barn and outbuildings. Kings Creek Pottery was born so I could justify making as many pots as I wanted!


The Kings Creek Pottery Shop

My shop is an old milk house (about the size of a two seater outhouse) on our property and perfect for my needs.

When I started out I needed to get the word out that pottery was available for purchase and that meant doing shows.

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IMG_0558I work in cycles, as most potters do. To me the beginning of my cycle is when I make pots.

I usually focus on custom orders first, then think about what holes I have in my shop inventory and work to fill them.I also look at what sold in Margaretville to fill in that inventory.

During this time of year I start thinking about what I need for the holiday shows…maybe something new to have in stock…and ornaments, lots of ornaments!

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August Morning in Gallupville

Is that the holidays I’m hearing? The knocking is soft, but it’s definitely there.  It gets louder and louder each day now!

Our mornings are often foggy this time of year, cool nights and warm days. The leaves are getting that muted look…not as crisp as they are in the spring and summer. Yup,  we are heading into Fall.

The sheep will leave us by the end of September. Chris and I are already cutting back our perennials.

This is the time of year I start really focusing on inventory, especially since I added my pottery to a shop in the Catskills. That means 3 places to keep stocked: The Gallupville Shop, The Etsy Shop, and The Catskill Mountain Artisan Guild Shop. Whew….a lot of pots to make!

I also have some custom orders to work on. This changes my strategy when I get in the studio. The “production” in production pottery is kicked up a notch. Now I make 12 at a time of whatever I am throwing. But this is good, it’s what I love to do and wanted to do with the added time I have in my life now.

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The new reality: I have less time than ever.

In my mind’s eye I would be updating this blog every week, making more pots than I could imagine, and firing Lucille once a month. Ha! In fact, I have been in the studio less this summer than ever…and I miss it.

Puzzle Time In Vermont

When I worked full-time I would hoard my weekends for studio time. Now that I don’t have the job, I find myself thinking; “I have plenty of time…”.

But if I don’t put things on the schedule, it doesn’t happen.

Maybe I’m making up for lost time…

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Things have been Jumpin’ this July at Kings Creek Pottery and Kings Creek Farm. It really started late in June and hasn’t slowed down yet!

School ended late this year. Graduations took place mostly on June 27th…which might explain the lighter than usual attendance at the Kings Creek Pottery Open Studio event.

The calm before the storm!

The calm before the storm!

That said, it was still a wonderful time spent with other artisans and our wonderful customers…even if it did threaten rain all day.



Peanut Butter & Jelly Gluten Free Vegan Muffins. Not sure why the photo is turned around…sorry about that!







I think we really impressed our guests with the food treats this year. We each bring something to share with each other and our customers. I shared gluten-free, vegan muffins and before you snub your nose to them – have a look!

They were amazing and everyone enjoyed…you can try them yourself. The recipe is from The Minimalist Baker. Try everything on her website!! Awesome food….

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A beautiful morning to fire up Lucille!

I have been back at pottery for 14 years now and I’ve had Lucille for four…four and a half years (?)…and I am still learning.

From last week’s post you know I am in the final push,  preparing for the Open Studio Show and Sale on June 27th here at Kings Creek Pottery.

Firing the electric kiln for bisque, prepping bisque ware for glaze, glazing, loading Lucille and firing her up…so many steps!  As usual I had more pots than could fit in the glaze firing, which was a predicament because many of those pots are custom orders….and I wanted others for the show. Drats!

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